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Jan Matney

Jan Matney, LCPC

nCenters Director

Jan Matney, nCenters founder and Director, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and licensed neurofeedback practitioner. Jan has worked as a professional counselor since 1990. She has a holistic, solution-focused approach through which clients can unearth long-standing behavioral patterns and negative perceptions that hold them back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Using attachment theory, Jan works with children, couples and families to gain deeper connections. She is a collaborative and respectful guide, helping clients establish and realize personal goals. Jan’s work addresses autism, learning difficulties, depression, anxiety, ADD, brain injury and behavioral problems.

Jan is also a Senior Trainer for the international, non-profit, educational organization, More To Life ( She has trained for More To Life in the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa and New Zealand. She and her husband have three adult children and one grandchild.

Claud Matney, PE

Neurofeedback engineer

Claud is a registered professional engineer licensed in Montana and Texas, with a Bachelor’s in Science and Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Civil/Environmental Engineering. With a background studying Rife, Nogier and Solfeggio frequencies, Claud wanted to see a practical application to frequencies, harmonics and modulation. In essence, when somebody applies voltage to your head we want to keep the keep the current within a certain milliamp range in order to see positive and safe results. Claud is also a licensed HAM operator since 1960 and known as the “Granddaddy” at the nCenter.

Ann Matney

Ann Matney

Office Manager

Ann Matney-Baggett graduated from Smith College with a B.A. in Philosophy in 2000. In 2004, she completed her training as a Rolfer, and received certification to practice structural integration from the Rolf Institute of Boulder, Colorado ( She has been practicing Rolfing and bodywork in Bozeman ever since. She is currently in graduate school working on her counseling degree in mental health and rehabilitation. At the nCenter, Ann offers neurofeedback and counseling to clients.

She is married, and she and her husband have one child.



Susan Jedd, LCPC

I’m Susan Jedd and I became a licensed clinical professional counselor in 1991. After graduation, I took a long break to raise my children and, in the process, became a student of human development and attachment. I have been fascinated by the parent-child relationship since I became a mom. I hold a B.A. in psychology and an M.A. in counseling psychology. I have been providing counseling services to children, teens, and adults at the Bozeman nCenter since 2014. I approach my clients with acceptance and compassion, as well as a sense of fun.

My theoretical orientation is grounded in person-centered therapy with a focus on the importance of interpersonal attachments for building safe emotional connections with others and an empowered sense of self. In particular, I have studied and implemented the work of Gordon Neufeld who focuses on building strong connections that support children’s maturation, development, and secure sense of self.

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Louise Hill

Louise Hill, LCPC

Louise J. Hill began her counseling career as a teenager, when she was a camp counselor for brain damaged, emotionally disturbed, developmentally disabled, and aphasic children. Although she had minimal professional training at the time, she possessed an intuitive sense that enabled her to successfully work with these special children, providing support, encouragement, and understanding. As a young woman she became a Montessori teacher for children three to six years old. Later she answered calls on a hotline for adults of all ages who needed a listening ear and an empathetic heart. These experiences naturally led her to professional training and a private practice in counseling as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. In this, she engages her natural intuitive understanding as well as her deep care and belief in others to provide individually tailored counseling for children and adults of all ages.

Louise believes in the intrinsic worth of every person and their innate ability for healing and wholeness. With a psychodynamic orientation, she gently helps her clients to uncover and understand the cause and core of their concerns. And she guides them in processing these so that they can be free to experience and express their own unique individuality and potential. Among other modalities, she uses Sandtray Therapy to enhance this work as well as EMDR for overcoming trauma. She believes that with a safe, respectful, and valuing environment and the right person to guide them, people can realize the best part of themselves.

ruth story

Ruth Story, LCPC

My name is Ruth Story, I am a licensed clinical professional counselor with the state of Montana and I joined the Belgrade nCenter in 2016. I provide counseling services to children, adolescents, and adults and my theoretical approach is grounded in person-centered therapy. My goal is to provide a supportive environment of unconditional positive regard and acceptance to assist you with healing and personal growth.

Growing up, I had a keen interest in human development and well-being, and this interest led me to my own path of self-discovery. When I became a parent, I deepened my study of human development and studied art therapy because I wanted to understand and engage with my children in a meaningful way.
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Heidi Laug

Heidi Laug, LCPC

Heidi’s specialty is working with children with a wide range of needs. With a Master’s in Counseling, Heidi worked with Altacare for three years as a therapist and mental health associate before joining the nCenter team. Before that she worked as a child counselor for the public school system for many years.

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Jackie Stanley, PhD, LCPC

Counseling & Neurofeedback