Rolfing FAQs

How we cross the room, is how we move through life.

What Should I wear?

Open back bras (as opposed to racer-back) and briefs (as opposed to boxers) are preferable. Because of the movement aspect of every session, always wear underwear you feel comfortable in. Rolfing® Structural Integration is effective because of the double approach of releasing restricted fascia, tendons, and joints while re-educating movement patterns. Some of this reeducation is done on the massage table, and some of it is done in sitting, standing, and walking about the office.

How much does a session cost and how long is a session?

A Rolfing® session costs $100.00 and is 90 minutes long. The 90 minutes include time for in-take and post-session integration. Payment options include cash, check, and credit/debit card.

Is Rolfing® Painful?

In the 1960s, when Rolfing® was being developed, it was often painful. That’s because the theory of its effectiveness was a mechanical one (the harder the pressure, the more the body lengthens). Since then, the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration has refined this early theory and its assumptions. The current approach holds that posture is a system of neuromuscular patterns that can be retrained. Retraining the body’s neuromuscular net does not require painful fascia releases. Nevertheless, Rolfing® is deep, thorough bodywork. If the threshold of intensity ever causes you to hold your breath or resist even slightly, tell me immediately and we will redirect in such a way that we get the effect without the intensity.

What is Rolfing® Structural Integration?

Dr. Rolf believed that, of all the natural forces affecting our physical bodies, the most powerful was gravity. Structural Integration teaches our bodies to move in alignment with gravity, avoiding strained patterns known to cause and exacerbate musculoskeletal injury. Rolfing® is a method to bring bodies into their ideal alignment with gravity, especially in the daily tasks of sitting, standing, and walking. At high levels of integration, the body endures much less effort in daily living. Graceful movement initiates from the deepest muscles and structures of the body, only engaging the more superficial muscles and structures as needed.

What is the Ten Series?

The Ten Series is the encapsulation of the principles of Rolfing® Structural Integration in ten sessions. The sessions are 90 minutes and usually occur over a period of ten weeks. They are purposefully designed as a system that starts with the superficial muscles and structures, moves to core structures, and finally returns to the surface of the body again. This system allows each session to build on the prior while preparing for the next. It also retrains body alignment in a safe and reliable manner. For many, the Ten Series is the beginning, if not the solution to a problem of chronic or acute pain. It is a rite of passage into deeper embodiment for everyone. I encourage all clients to do the series at least once.