Helping our clients achieve a healthy, well functioning brain and mind is the main focus of the nCenter. Reaching your goals, seizing the day, and maintaining true happiness all require a lot of brain and will power. But when it comes to inflammation, stiffness, aches, and pain throughout your body it isn’t a case of mind over matter. Sometimes no amount of willpower can override a body that isn’t compliant with your goals and aspirations. Even if you choose the best driver there ever was, trained them beyond anyone else in their field, and prepared them in every way possible, they wouldn’t be able to win the Talladega 500 in a 1991 Subaru Impreza (not that I have anything against Subarus– I love mine, his name is Roo). That finely tuned driver needs to be operating a finely tuned, high powered, well functioning car if they are looking for victory.

Just like NASCAR, even with your driver (AKA your brain) functioning in tip top shape, if the vessel it controls isn’t optimized too, it is going to be a lot harder to achieve your goals.

We are all about stimulating your brain to reach a higher level of function through Pulsed ElectroMagenetic Frequencies (or pEMF). But did you know these same frequencies can be highly beneficial to your entire body? According to research done by NASA, pEMF can help reduce inflammation and stimulate blood flow. NASA has even incorporated this technology into their astronauts’ space suits. Because blood delivers oxygen to your cells and helps to remove waste, increased blood flow helps your somatic cells– or the cells that make up your body– function more efficiently, become less toxic, and provide necessary food for them to grow and divide. These processes are fundamental for healthy cells and in the healing process. Additionally, the bloodstream houses cells of the immune system, specialized for producing antibodies, identifying and destroying dangerous invaders, and decreasing your susceptibility to infection. Decreased inflammation leads to increased blood flow which will deliver a plethora of healing components to your cells. All this leading to a reduction of soreness, stiffness, and chronic pain.

So how do you expose your entire body to the near-magical powers of pEMF? That is where the nCenter comes in. We have a Bemer, a full length body mat specially designed to provide your entire body with pEMF in a 20 minute session. All you have to do is lie there and relax. Many clients will add the Bemer to their neurofeedback protocol either before or after treatment, others will sit on it during their counseling sessions. And, often, when the office is a little slow you’ll find one of the members of the nCenter staff holed up with a laptop lying on the Bemer busy at work and receiving some good ol’ pEMF treatment. As you can see, even office dog Gus, appreciates the Bemer.

Mental health and physical health, just like driver and car, go hand and hand to maximize success. You’re doing amazing things, training your brain with pEMF, but don’t let your body be forgotten. A few sessions on the Bemer and that Subaru Impreza just got souped up, with some added horsepower, a new paint job, and some sweet decals– add a well trained, high functioning driver, and you’re ready for success!

Photo: Office dog Gus as a Bemer-ritto. — Susan Jedd