1206, 2019

Adverse Childhood Experiences

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Adverse Childhood Experiences and Their Lasting Effects into Adulthood   Identifying beliefs are developed in our youth, and some of these beliefs from childhood are never outgrown. These early beliefs become the pillars of our lives, some of which are beneficial and some of which are not. One of my [...]

1904, 2019

Spring Reflections: What Matters Most and Last Longest

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Spring is in the air! As a person active in the agricultural community, Spring is a time for new life and beginnings. I've spent the last few weeks helping with lambing season. Watching the first moments of a lambs life is an incredible experience, the instinct a mother Eue has [...]

104, 2019

The Nutrition Scoop

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nCenter: Neurofeedback, Nutrition, and Counseling “You are what you eat.” It’s a saying we’ve all likely heard. I get it. If you eat healthy likely you’re going to be healthy. If you eat not great food, you are probably going to feel… not great. But what do I eat if [...]

1402, 2019

The Complexities of Love

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The Complexities of Love “A complex neurobiological phenomenon” is how research conducted by the Neuroscience Research Institute defines love.  In other words, the actual science behind love is complex. Why we fall in love, how it benefits us as both individuals and as a species, and what exactly love is, [...]

901, 2019

The Science of Willpower

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The Science of Willpower: 5 Scientific Ways to Succeed  By: Katlian Afton New Year's Resolutions:I think we all make them consciously or unconsciously. January rolls around, and it’s automatically time to change. But now that we are a week into January, if you’re like me, you’re slipping. So what is [...]

512, 2018

An FYI on TBIs

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Remember the “old man that bumped his head, went to bed, and didn’t wake up in the morning”? Clearly the protagonist of the that slightly dark nursery rhyme suffered a traumatic brain injury. Did you know that Montana has the second highest rate of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) in the [...]

2011, 2018

Holiday Grief

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‘Tis the season. The days have gotten shorter, scarfs and sweaters have been brought out of storage, hot chocolate and cookies are becoming staples, and “Happy Holidays” is a go-to salutation. It is a time that is characterized as being full of joy and celebration, a time of family and [...]

3010, 2018

The Science of Eureka

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The Science of Eureka “EUREKA!” Somewhere, deep in a research laboratory, amongst the noise of bubbling beakers, humming machines, and the whir of a lab rat running on his wheel, a caffeine fueled scientist shouts the famous exclamation. Something has just clicked, the data has relinquished the answers, his neurons [...]

1510, 2018

Counselor Corner: Attachment Theory with Susan Jedd

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Counselor Corner: Attachment Theory with Susan Jedd Kat Afton Stephanie Brilliant is a researcher focusing on the developmental processes of healthy brains. The long standing debate of nature versus nurture once again applies. Is a healthy, well developed brain the result of our genetics or our environment? According to Stephanie-- [...]

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