Family Therapy at nCenters

Family Therapy: Strengthening Relationships and Resolving Conflicts

Sometimes it’s simply good to have a professional to talk with your family and iron out any challenges you might be facing together. If you decide that family therapy is a fit for you and your family, our family therapist will begin by meeting with each family member individually to see what it is that each of you want to work on in family therapy. The therapist will take time to understand the strengths your family can build on, including what you enjoy doing together and what you like about each other. You’ll learn about each of your communication styles, and you’ll learn about the importance of making I-statements and respecting each other’s’ boundaries.

Our Approach to Family Therapy: Improving Communication and Building Trust

When everyone feels ready to sit down together the family will meet with the therapist to go over ground rules that are to be honored during the family therapy sessions. You’ll also have a chance to explore what your ideal family life would look like and then explore how together you can reach the goals your family has. This solution-focused approach supports your family to create a structure and a safe environment in which everyone can learn and grow. Everyone in the family is treated with unconditional positive regard by the therapist and encouraged to treat each other with respect.

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Although family therapy can be a complicated process with many moving pieces, it is a process worthy of your family’s investment with a professional who understands how to work within your family system so that family life can be more rewarding and connecting for everyone.

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