Lisa Murdoch, MD nCenter Medical Director

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I am originally from Minnesota and came to Bozeman for graduate school in the 1990s, completing my Master of Science degree at Montana State University. I attended medical school at the Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland and became board certified in family medicine after completing a residency at the Alaska Family Medicine Residency in Anchorage in 2004. Throughout my career I have served in multiple medical positions, including being a full-spectrum family physician in a small under served community in Minnesota. In 2011, I moved back to Bozeman, where I currently practice emergency medicine at the Fort Harrison VA Hospital in Helena and serve as the Medical Director for the nCenters in Bozeman and Belgrade.

At the nCenter I oversee the quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG) or ‘brain map’ that guides the choice of protocols for neurofeedback (NFB). The qEEG is a biomarker that brings mental health more squarely into the realm of medicine. Mapping the brain not only guides protocols but is also used to gauge improvement. Mental health issues are multifaceted and often require a combination approach of NFB, counseling, and nutrition. Working at the nCenter has broadened my thinking with regards to mental health issues, noting that there are alternatives to medications and that doses can sometimes be lowered or discontinued after NFB. I am grateful to be part of a cutting-edge field and to consistently see client improvements.ed since 1970, we have three adult children and two grand children together.


Lisa Murdoch, MD
1039 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 2
Bozeman, MT 59718

Call the nCenter at (406) 599-2492 to schedule a brain mapping appointment.

Problems with which Neurotherapy may help:

  •    ADHD
  •    Anger Management
  •    Anxiety
  •    Autism
  •    Behavioral Issues
  •    Chronic Pain
  •    Depression
  •    Developmental Disorders
  •    Emotional Disturbance
  •    Grief
  •    Intellectual Disability
  •    Learning Disabilities
  •    Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)
  •    Oppositional Defiance
  •    PTSD/ Trauma

Neurotherapy systems used at the nCenter: