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Cold Laser and Light Therapy


The Cold Laser Q1000 delivers low-level coherent light to decrease inflammation and pain by encouraging tissue regeneration. Cold Lasers have been used at NASA for wound healing and are FDA approved for osteoarthritis of the wrist. They are FDA Class I devices, which are safe, non-invasive and easy to apply.


The BioLight is a Low Level Light Therapy used for energetic balancing and health. It is a safe and non-invasive light that is used to reduce inflammation by balancing energy that flows through the meridians. The BioLight was originally developed by Dr. Reinhold Voll of Germany in the 1920s. It is also known as ‘electro-acupuncture’, and it can be used for various symptoms and in combination with Bach Flower Remedies.


The Vielight Neuro uses intranasal and transcranial photobiomodulation to enhance cellular function. Photons or light energy of 810nm wavelengths diffuse through porous bone tissue and when absorbed, augment mitochondrial activity and trigger a cascade of beneficial cellular events that enhance cognition. We use the VieLight Neuro as a support to counseling and neurofeedback therapies and additionally offer clients the VieLight 810 intranasal device to take home for everyday use. Visit the VieLight website to learn more about photobiomodulation and read the research behind light therapy.