tDCS - transcranial direct current stimulation

At the nCenter, we offer many different treatments to help your brain function as efficiently as possible. tDCS, or transcranial direct current stimulation, is a technique that delivers a low electrical current to the brain by placing electrodes on the scalp. It is easy, it only takes about thirty minutes, and if clients feel anything, it is usually just a slight tingling sensation at the electrode site. It has been shown to help with cognitive enhancement, and it is effective in treating some neurophysiological disorders. It is gentler than pharmaceuticals, and there are virtually no side effects.


How does it work?

tDCS is the application of a positive and a negative electrode onto certain areas of the brain. The positioning of the electrodes determines how and where the current flows in the brain. We determine where to place the electrodes based on your mental health goals and your brain map. tDCS stimulates the brain in a way that encourages neurons to fire together, so your brain’s signalling is essentially stronger. It promotes neuroplasticity which accelerates learning, and it creates more connectivity between different regions of the brain.


What does the science say?

While there is still research to be done about tDCS and some search results seem to yield mixed reviews of its efficacy, numerous scientific studies have confirmed the beneficial effects of tDCS. A study published in the journal Clinical Neurophysiology suggests that tDCS is effective in treating fibromyalgia, depression and craving. In October 2017, a study published in the journal Current Biology showed that primates’ learning accelerated by about 40% when given tDCS treatments to the prefrontal cortex, and a study published in Experimental Neurology shows that tDCS is effective in treating major depression.


Whether you want to try tDCS to fight depression or addictive behavior, to improve your memory, or to increase your creativity, we will work with you to help determine the best protocol that will help you reach your personal potential.


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