Counseling is often sought because people want a resolution to psychological, social or behavioral problems, and you can learn coping skills and learn how to navigate your daily life and fulfill your goals through counseling. Counseling is the centerpiece of the nCenter, but we have an added benefit, unique to our center that combines the interpersonal experience of one-on-one counseling with neurofeedback and nutritional advising. This integrative support helps our clients reach their goals and alleviate stressful symptoms in a more complete and elegant fashion.

nCenter counselors use an attachment-based, person-centered, humanistic approach that employs cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness-based, and strength-based interventions. Our counselors work with children, adole

scents, and adults, and with a counselor you can develop not only self-awareness but also a preferred change in your psychology and behavior. Whether you have issues with ADHD, anxiety, behavioral problems, depression, developmental disorders, life transitions, oppositional defiance, or relationships, our counselors will work with you, combining the skills of counseling with the benefits of neurofeedback.

Research supports our contention that there is a benefit when counseling is coupled with neurofeedback ,and quantitation Electroneuronogram (qEEG) brain map assessments aid counselors in objectively “seeing” suspected psychological issues on paper, thus, being able to provide more effective counseling for you or your child. The results shown in a brain map are tangible evidence (aside from emotional and behavioral changes) of the effects of counseling and neurofeedback.
A qEEG brain map also informs neurofeedback protocols that can result in less anxiety, increased energy and better present awareness, and this allows you to more efficiently and effectively overcome what is being addressed via counseling.

At the nCenter, we combine tailored neurofeedback to expedite the resolution of psychological, social, or behavioral issues. Similar to how a broken bone would be treated, counseling and neurofeedback with nutritional advice ser

ves as a “cast” of sorts for the mind. And with this understanding, any stigma associated with counseling is substituted with an understanding of brain circuits and how they impact our psychology and behavior.

Withal, at the nCenter you will have an immersive experience in which your goals will receive guidance from all angles: counseling, neurofeedback, and nutrition. Counseling and psychological disorders has been well understood for decades. Now, neurofeedback—a powerful tool—can provide an extra “push” to get your mind (and life) moving in the right direction—the direction you’ve always wanted.