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“You are what you eat.” It’s a saying we’ve all likely heard. I get it. If you eat healthy likely you’re going to be healthy. If you eat not great food, you are probably going to feel… not great. But what do I eat if I want to feel focused and relaxed, if I want to sleep better and elevate my mood while reducing stress? As far as I know you can’t find any of that at the supermarket or order it off a menu.

Food and diets are a complex, evolving, and

 often “taboo” thing in our society. It’s hard to know what is just a fad, what is based off of scientific evidence, and what will work for your unique biochemistry, mindset, and life style. At the nCenter we recognize the link between physical and psychological health. Nutrition and neurofeedback work together to improve both physical and mental health in the holistic focus offered at the nCenter.

Thankfully, the nCenter knows the importance of evidence-based nutrition and has a LIcensed Nutritionist on staff to help navigate the complicated world of food. Candice Vann has been studying nutrition and food sciences throughout her career and brings a lifetime of knowledge to the nCenter. Here is what she has to say about healthy diets and the brain-gut link.


In general what is the importance of having good nutrition?

CANDICE: Healthy eating can energize you and help you live a full and meaningful life. A personal approach to your nutritional intake can reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions and address your genetic predispositions. I believe that when people are more intentional and intuitive about eating then they will be more aware of how food makes them feel and will make wise eating choices.


What is your overall theory or beliefs regarding good nutrition?

CANDICE: Food is your best medicine. I focus on helping clients eat healthy with wholesome foods that they enjoy to achieve optimal wellness and peak performance.  Due to depleted soils and toxic environments, I also will recommend targeted therapeutic supplements and herbs as well as lifestyle adjustments to improve health, sleep and fitness.

Food has a direct correlation with mood. And when we are stressed, our choice of foods may not be the best to help get through it. Mental health requires physical well being. Inflammation is a major factor that contributes to less than optimal physical, emotional and mental health and can be improved by making good food choices. Addressing this with medical nutritional therapy can be very healing for you.


How does nutritional counseling work with other services offered at the nCenter?

CANDICE: The nCenter has an integrated approach that addresses body, mind and spirit. We are a team of professionals who help clients achieve wellness through counseling, nutrition and neurofeedback and other adjunct therapies. It is a powerful approach to healing.


What information does a brain map give you about someone’s nutrition or dietary needs? CANDICE:  By using the brain map to compare a client’s brain waves to a normative database, we see indications of a person’s mood, cognition and overall body function.  A brain map shows suboptimal or excessive frequencies that impact the client. This impact can be addressed with therapeutic nutritional protocols to stimulate the healing of anxiety, depression, emotional regulation and other client issues. The emerging science on the gut-brain connection is applied to help our clients feel and function optimally.


Who can benefit from nutritional counseling and what does a nutritional consultation entail?

CANDICE: Nutritional counseling is for anyone who wants to live a vibrant life. I am passionate about guiding individuals in finding practical and enjoyable ways to reach their wellness potential. It is my greatest joy to hear from a client that they are feeling better and that chronic conditions are improving, that they are sleeping better or they are reaching their fitness goals.

A nutritional consultation involves a comprehensive initial intake and assessment to determine the individual’s state of health. Then through utilizing nutritional protocols, I address the identified conditions and stated goals of the client, including customized eating plans for adults, children and families. I often help clients sift through nutrition information that they have read or been told to educate them and guide them in making healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Since I am  experienced in addressing many chronic conditions, and draw on targeted therapeutic medical nutritional therapy, I  carefully customize plans to target a client’s personalized needs. I recommend specific foods at times and educate clients about supermarket savvy and reading food labels.

Candice is currently accepting new clients and takes most major insurances. Through her guidance she not only leads her clients toward a healthy diet and improved overall health, but her work is a part of optimizing the power of neurofeedback and counseling services offered at the nCenter.


Blog by: Kat Afton and Candice Vann

Photo by: Rosemary Graff, Laughing Buck Farm