“Meeting Your Needs In This Stressful Time With Online Counseling (Tele-Health)”

You’d like support for your children. What if they close the schools? You’re pretty sure they will be bored, stressed, worried. And you are worried, too. Maybe you and your partner are more easily at odds. Maybe you already feel isolated and social distancing recommendations only add to feelings of alone-ness.

The nCenter in Bozeman, Montana is well aware of the stress and anxiety, the sleepless nights and health concerns many people have about the Coronavirus pandemic. We are ready and able to provide Online Counseling (Tele-Health) for you, and we accept most insurances. We can also tell you whether or not your insurance likely covers our services (both counseling and nutrition), and all of these services can be online and billed to insurance. Exploring your options can all be done with a free online consultation from the comfort of your home.

You probably already have a mobile lifestyle, and if you are concerned about this pandemic or if you simply have a need because of travel, work, or location, Online Counseling is a resource available to you. Studies indicate that the efficacy of Online Counseling compares favorably with face-to-face counseling https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/15228835.2012.662848.

All you need is WIFI with a smartphone, iPad, or a computer.  We can troubleshoot with you if you have technical problems. 

You likely know that the most effective measure in protecting against the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is Social Distancing. This means keeping six feet from others, and frequent hand washing. Building your immune system is also important, and our nutritionist can work with you to make that happen. Here’s a tip for keeping boosting your immune system now https://greensmoothiegirl.com/recipes/immune-fuel-hot-lemonaid/.

Just give us a call at the nCenter, 406 599 2492, and you can begin the process of receiving our services (counseling and/or nutrition) online and from the privacy and security of your home—-a time-effective and convenient way you can protect yourself and your family’s health and well-being.


D Jan Matney, LCPC