Optimizing the power of the brain

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Breakthroughs in science have given us tools to fine tune the brain to help people like you live a better life. We bring those tools to you. If fact, that’s why we exist—to improve the quality of anyone’s life by optimizing the function of the brain.

Who is this for?

  • Children with autism, ADD, ADHD or who have been exposed to drugs or alcohol in utero
  • Students who would like greater capacity to focus and learn—and reduce stress
  • Adults with stress, migraine headaches, depression, anxiety and early onset dementia
  • Professionals who want to achieve and maintain peak performance
  • Anyone who wants greater clarity, less stress and anxiety, more focus, greater joy and increased ability to achieve goals

Learn more about neurofeedback from engineer Claud Matney, PE in this informational video: a brief introduction to neurofeedback and its benefits.

Neurofeedback uses electrical stimulations to promote healing in the brain. Using an initial brain map, technicians can understand the connections between the different parts of the brain, and stimulate healing for those areas that are weak or overcompensating.