About nCenter Kalispell

nCenter is a counseling and neurofeedback center based in Montana. We have locations in Kalispell, Bozeman, and Belgrade. Our team of highly trained and empathetic service providers are here to help you understand yourself on a deeper level both at in-person or online appointments.

Our Kalispell location is conveniently located on 1st Avenue West and has a full-time Pre-Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (PLCPC) on staff to provide the nCenter standard of care. Schedule an appointment to start of your mental health journey today.

nCenter is happy to offer the following services at our Kalispell clinic.

  • Counseling for individuals, adolescents, children and couples
  • Nutritional counseling for all ages
  • Psychological assessments
  • Neurofeedback for all ages
  • Light therapy for all ages
  • qEEG brain maps for all ages

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Fax Number- (406) 577-2085

Phone Number- (406) 599-8264

Counseling & Therapy

nCenter Kalispell offers personalized counseling and therapy for individuals, couples, families, children, and adolescents.

We have a range of service providers that specialize in trauma recovery, substance abuse disorder, addiction counseling, ADHD, Autism, LGBTQIA+ experiences, personal relationships, healing, nutrition, and personal growth. Visit our Meet The Team page to learn about all of our licensed therapists and counselors.

nCenter offers both in-person and online counseling and therapy appointments to help you on your mental health journey. Schedule a psychological assessment with our team today!


Along with counseling and therapy, nCenter Kalispell offers qEEG brain mapping and neurofeedback therapies to further understand how your mind works in a non-invasive data-driven way. Learn more about brain mapping and neurofeedback and how it can help your mental health here.

nCenter has specialized neurofeedback practitioners that will personalize a data-driven approach to your therapy. It is an excellent tool for better understanding ADHD, Migraines, and Sleep disorders, but it can be utilized with traditional therapies to drive better long term mental health results.

Schedule an appointment with nCenter and take charge of your mental health today.

Our Location

Meet Suzanne Panique, PLCPC

Suzanne Panique

I am a Pre-Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (PLCPC), and I hold a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Southern New Hampshire University. I have always had a heart for helping others, and before becoming a counselor, I worked for twenty years in healthcare as a Certified Nursing Assistant and an In-Home Care Aide. Throughout that time, I gained significant experience assisting elderly and disabled people by providing whatever physical hands-on care they needed and also by providing emotional support as patients transitioned through the aging process and/or through issues informed by their disability.

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