Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG)

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(qEEG) – Brain Mapping and Nutritional Counseling Services in Montana

qEEG brain maps are one of the exciting, experimental ways to better understand your brain. qEEG brain maps measure and assess your brain’s functionality, and qEEG data can be used to understand and address nutritional deficiencies, along with mental health issues. It is the only biomarker in the field of psychology, and we offer the qEEG brain map in several of our Montana offices.

To learn more about this groundbreaking integration of nutrition therapy and qEEG results, reach out to the Montana office closest to you today.

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What is qEEG / Brain Mapping, and How Does it Relate to Nutrition?

qEEG brain mapping is a process that uses information gathered from a traditional EEG procedure (electroencephalography) to build ‘maps’ detailing your brainwaves. The data from your brain map is compared to a normative database to see and understand your overall functionality.

The qEEG procedure is painless. A cap that resembles a swimming cap is placed on your head, and sensors inside the cap record your brainwaves. Once these brainwaves are recorded and processed, the differences in your brain function can be identified by comparing them to a normative database.

Metabolic processes have a distinct effect on your brainwaves. Gathering recordable data from a qEEG brain map is a cornerstone of our approach to nutritional counseling. Data from repeated qEEG tests help us guide nutritional counseling.

Nutritional Counseling and Brain Mapping at Our Montana Counseling Office

Modern medicine has proven that the food you eat directly influences your mood and cognitive functioning. Now, with qEEG brain mapping, our Montana nutritional counselor can compare and understand your brain’s functions and better balance your brain with functional medicine nutrition counseling methods.

At our MT therapy offices, we can improve your health and overall well-being with qEEG brain mapping, informed qEEG results and individual nutritional counseling services.

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How Do Our qEEG and Nutritional Counseling Services Work?

When you first arrive for your qEEG, our Montana team will record your first brain map. A sensor cap will be placed on your head to record your brainwaves. Next, our trained MT qEEG staff will process the recording to remove any unnecessary data points caused by movement. Then, once your brain map data is processed it will be compared with a normative database. Once we can identify how your brain differs from the norm we can start to develop a plan.

When your brain is mapped, processed, and compared to a normative database, our expert nutrition counselor will meet with you to curate a nutritional therapy program that addresses your individual needs. The goal of this integrated nutritional counseling process is to improve your quality of life and find the best nutritional solutions to support your overall well-being.

Our Montana nutritionist offers individual online nutritional counseling sessions along with our initial, in-person qEEG brain map which is completed at our Montana office.

Learn More About How Personalized qEEG Brain Mapping and Nutritional Counseling Services Can Help

qEEG brain mapping gives our MT team an exciting, experimental way to explore brain function and provide more effective, functional medicine nutritional counseling for our clients. If you have any questions or want a consultation, our integrative counseling offices are conveniently located online and throughout Montana. Reach out today!

Research Studies regarding qEEG and Nutrition