Quantitative Electroencephalogram

(qEEG) – Brain Mapping and Nutrition in Bozeman and Belgrade

The qEEG brain map is a new and exciting way to understand problem areas in your brain.  It assesses information about your brain function and how any brain problems might relate to nutritional deficiencies. Learn more about this groundbreaking area combining nutrition and brain mapping.

What is qEEG / Brain Mapping and How Does it Relate to Nutrition?

The qEEG brain map is an EEG that compares your brain with a database of established standards of normal brain function. It takes EEG (electroencephalography) data and analyzes it to map the functioning of your brain compared with a normative database.

The procedure is painless. A cap, similar to a swimming cap, is worn and sensors inside the cap record your brain waves. It is much like a stethoscope for your brain, it records what is occurring with your brain waves just as a stethoscope listens to your heart. Any physical movements that interfere with collecting the brain waves are edited out and then the actual brain waves are processed through a computerized program to show ways the brain is working or not working optimally.

Nutrition and Brain Mapping

It is widely known that the food you eat directly influences the structure and function of your brain in addition to influencing your mood and cognitive functioning. Now, with the qEEG brain map, we can see the impact of nutritional deficiencies on the brain and from that, decide the supplemental support needed to rebalance the brain. “You are what you eat”, but now we can actually see it! With qEEG brain mapping and the correlation to nutrition we can work toward your overall health and well-being.

How does qEEG and Nutrition Work?

First a qEEG brain map is recorded. With the resulting edited data, the function of your brain is assessed, and based on the qEEG brain map, nutritional supplements are chosen to enhance brain function.

Learn More About How Personalized qEEG Brain Mapping and Nutritional Counseling can Help You

The qEEG brain map gives us a new and exciting way to explore brain function and nutritional needs. We are conveniently located in Bozeman and Belgrade, Montana. Call us, we can answer your questions about this innovative service.

Research Studies regarding qEEG and Nutrition