Our professional counselors can help you gain a more meaningful and fulfilling life, realize personal goals, and form deeper connections. Counseling can also provide insight into behavioral and mental thought patterns which hold you back from living a happier and healthier life. Combining traditional counseling with selected forms of neuro-feedback often has a synergistic effect, leading to quicker changes over a shorter term.

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Integrated Counseling & Neurofeedback

We want to help you get the most out of life. Our professional counselors are here to help you navigate life’s challenges and transitions and build a foundation for personal growth and development. And with the assistance of neurofeedback, a type of biofeedback that regulates the brain, you can have greater authority with your thinking patterns and behaviors. Neurofeedback has proven effective to help many problems of brain dysregulation: anxiety, depression, attention deficits, behavioral problems, learning difficulties, and traumatic brain injuries. It can also help to improve focus, concentration, emotional balance and cognitive functioning.

Combining counseling with neurofeedback will help you regain balance and help you reach your full potential.

“I’m able to put things together and connect reasons why I’m reacting as I am. Counseling and neurofeedback… This is faster and more effective, and I don’t leave feeling discouraged.”

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Neurofeedback Intensives

At the nCenter, we offer Neurofeedback Intensives so that you can gain the maximum benefit from Neurofeedback and see results more quickly. This exciting new program is particularly helpful for clients who are from out of town or who are only in town for a limited amount of time. Intensives will help you to optimize the function of your brain more quickly than traditional twice weekly treatment plans. Typical intensives are two sessions a day for two to three weeks, five days a week. Intensives may or may not be followed up with bi weekly sessions, depending on the needs of the client.

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qEEG and Brain Maps

Our services usually begin with the collection and analysis of brainwave data including an analysis of certain brain functions. This data is collected by way of quantitative electroencephalograms (qEEGs) that enable us to create analytical tools known as a “Brain Maps.” At the nCenter, we use Brain Maps to inform both counseling and neurofeedback therapies, to document progress and to guide adjustments. Intakes for Brain Maps are performed by physicians. Brain data is collected following standard procedures with Neurofield and Brainmaster Amplifiers. Data analysis includes NeuroGuide Software, LORETA software, and LPR software.

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Cold Laser and Light Therapy


The Cold Laser Q1000 delivers low-level coherent light to decrease inflammation and pain by encouraging tissue regeneration. Cold Lasers have been used at NASA for wound healing and are FDA approved for osteoarthritis of the wrist. They are FDA Class I devices, which are safe, non-invasive and easy to apply.


The Aura PTL II is a Low Level Light Therapy used for energetic balancing and health. It is a safe and non-invasive light that is used to reduce inflammation by balancing energy that flows through the meridians. The Aura PTL II was originally developed by Dr. Reinhold Voll of Germany in the 1920s. It is also known as ‘electro-acupuncture’, and it can be used for various symptoms and in combination with Bach Flower Remedies.


The Vielight Neuro uses intranasal and transcranial photobiomodulation to enhance cellular function. Photons or light energy of 810nm wavelengths diffuse through porous bone tissue and when absorbed, augment mitochondrial activity and trigger a cascade of beneficial cellular events that enhance cognition.

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