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nCenter’s professional Belgrade and Bozeman, MT counselors can help you gain a more meaningful and fulfilling life, realize personal goals, and form deeper connections. Our counseling services can also provide insight into behavioral and mental thought patterns that hold you back from living a happier and healthier life. nCenter’s Bozeman and Belgrade counseling team combines traditional counseling with EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, play therapy with children, Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and Internal Family Systems therapy. We offer other services to our Bozeman and Belgrade counseling clients, if you are interested.  These include psychological assessments with our Clinical Psychologist, a qEEG brain map and neurofeedback with our Medical Doctor and nutritional counseling with our functional medicine Nutritionist.  You can choose these services as part of your care in our integrative approach to mental health.

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Integrative Approach to Mental Health With Counseling and Neurofeedback

We want to help you get the most out of life. The professional counselors at our Bozeman clinic are here to help you navigate life’s challenges and transitions. nCenter’s counselors and neurofeedback practitioners help you build a foundation for personal growth and development. Our professional neurofeedback practitioners can also guide you through the experimental form of therapy called neurofeedback to help you regulate your brain.

nCenter’s counselors and neurofeedback practitioners will help you work toward having greater authority over your thinking patterns and behaviors. Therapies with a neurofeedback practitioner have proven effective at helping improve many problems with brain dysregulation: anxiety, depression, attention deficits, behavioral problems, learning difficulties, and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Neurofeedback can also help to improve focus, concentration, emotional balance, and cognitive functioning.

Integrating counseling with our other services, including neurofeedback, can help your brain rebalance and help you reach your full potential.

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qEEG brain maps and neurofeedback

If you choose to do neurofeedback, an experimental therapy, our team of neurofeedback practitioners begin by collecting and analyzing your brainwaves. This data is collected with a quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG). At the nCenter, we use these qEEG brain maps to inform our neurofeedback, to document progress, and to guide adjustments. After your qEEG brain map has been analyzed, you can meet with our physician to review qEEG brain map results and hear our neurofeedback treatment recommendations. You can then be scheduled for neurofeedback twice a week with our neurofeedback practitioners. When you’ve had 10-15 neurofeedback sessions, you will be scheduled for a follow up qEEG brain map to determine progress and a new neurofeedback protocol.

Our neurofeedback practitioners will use the following, more experimental types of neurofeedback therapy to treat you:

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Cold Laser and Light Therapy


nCenter’s counseling services team uses Aura PTL II for Low-Level Light Therapy to balance your energy and health. Aura PTL II uses a safe and non-invasive light to reduce inflammation by balancing energy that flows through the meridians. The Aura PTL II was originally developed by Dr. Reinhold Voll of Germany in the 1920s. It is also known as ‘electro-acupuncture’, and it can be used to help with various symptoms.


In Bozeman we use the Vielight to enhance cellular function through intranasal and transcranial photobiomodulation. We’ll send photons or light energy of 810nm wavelengths diffuse through porous bone tissue. That energy will augment mitochondrial activity and trigger a cascade of beneficial cellular events that enhance cognition when absorbed. VieLight treatments take place at our Bozeman clinics. 

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