At the nCenter we are dedicated to our clients achieving greater balance in their lives. We promote resilience and well-being in all aspects of life: physical, emotional, intellectual, and social.

It is our belief that the functioning of the brain and body is foundational to self-concept. We have seen that when the balance of brain and body are restored, shifts in self-concept are more easily achieved. We employ the following modalities to support the brain and body: neurofeedback, cold lasers and light therapy. All of these serve the heart of our work, which is counseling.

Today, the nCenter is a place of hope that changes lives for all kinds of people using counseling and neurotherapy. Part of the “magic” is the nCenter’s pursuit of getting to the root cause, in Jan’s words, “asking the right questions to get the right answers.”

Through that pursuit, many have found the nCenter to be the answer to their concerns, for their children and for themselves.