Qeeg Brain Map on A Computer Screen


A qEEG (quantitative electroencephalography) is a brain map — an objective assessment of how your brain might fall outside the norm when compared with a normative database. A qEEG brain map records the brainwaves that are on the surface of the scalp. After recording the brainwaves we then edit out any movements in order to see how your brainwaves function when compared with the norm.

Once we can see the reason for your symptoms on a brain map level, we can choose how we want to use neurofeedback and counseling to address your issues and meet your goals.

qEEG brain mapping was introduced more than 30 years ago as a means of diagnosing brain function.

We use qEEG brain maps as a tool to assess your brain function and track your progress over your neurofeedback and counseling sessions. Your qEEG brain map and the following neurofeedback sessions need to be done in person at the Montana counseling office closest to you. However, counseling sessions can take place in person or online.