Candice Vann, RD, LN, CLC

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My passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle began at an early age and has driven me throughout my life. Desiring to truly understand how food can be your best medicine, I studied the nutritional sciences in college, pursued a dietetic internship after graduation, and then trained in a clinical setting to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Since then, I have kept current with courses and seminars on healthy lifestyles and nutritional interventions for chronic conditions.

Food choices are a key factor in achieving wellness. Throughout my career, I have been applying the most current nutrition medical therapy to help my clients and to counsel them in health-promoting choices.

The gut-brain connection was the compelling interest that brought me to the nCenter. Nutrition complements neurofeedback and counseling therapies as food is a critical player in terms of keeping you healthy and happy. Food has a profound influence in determining whether your gut is populated by health-sustaining organisms or unhealthy bugs that lead to metabolic problems that can cause brain fog, depression, anxiety and so many other issues. Targeted nutrition can help to heal even the most stubborn chronic health issues.

Are you confused about which foods are best for you to stay healthy? Or what supplements will help your chronic condition? Or how to incorporate some type of fitness in your routine?

I believe that your body has the natural ability to heal itself. Using functional assessment tools and complimentary nutritional strategies, I will personalize a nutrition treatment plan with you that incorporates your health concerns, your food preferences, and gives you shopping tips. My goal is to guide you in making healthy lifestyle choices to improve both mental and physical health and live a vibrant life.


Candice, Vann
1001 W Oak ST, Building B STE 205
Bozeman, MT 59715

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